The Audition Method

The Audition Method for Clarinet is for aspiring and established clarinetists looking to win orchestral auditions. Clarinetists can use this book throughout the entire process of preparing for an audition, including the audition itself.

In this volume, Ben Baron, in collaboration with Mark Nuccio, provides core clarinet audition repertoire in three versions: the excerpt as it appears in the real part, an annotated version, and a version to use in the audition. All annotations are carefully made in blue ink for ease of reading.

Nuccio and Baron provide detailed information about preparing each piece, as well as primary and secondary points of interest when preparing an audition. They also provide a number of practice exercises aimed at overcoming the specific challenges of each excerpt.

The Audition Method is truly an invaluable aid that has the potential to transform and improve the entire audition experience.

"I predict that soon this will appear on every clarinet student's stand. It is impressively thorough and insightful."

- Burt Hara, Associate Principal Clarinet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Comprehensive, concise, and a great tool for my students."

Yehuda Gilad, Professor of Clarinet, Colburn School and USC Thornton School of Music; Music Director, Colburn Orchestra

"For those of us who help prepare advanced clarinetists for orchestral careers, this will surely be an extremely valuable resource. Very fine players often come away from an orchestral audition wondering why they did not get the job or did not advance. This book offers a step-by-step method that can help gifted clarinetists form their own checklist to answer those questions. In addition to providing some of the most important audition excerpts, this book offers tips to help 'decode' those excerpts and a very focused plan for success in the next audition. I will be recommending The Audition Method to my students at the Yale School of Music."

- David Shifrin, Professor of Clarinet, Yale University

"It is the most comprehensive orchestra audition book to come out in a long time and should be a wonderful asset to anyone looking to do well in auditions."

- Anthony McGill, Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic; Faculty, Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Peabody Institute, and Bard College

"The Audition Method by Ben Baron and my distinguished colleague Mark Nuccio is a must for all musicians who aspire to win major orchestral auditions! This unique compendium delves deeply into several of the most important works for our instrument, sure to appear on audition repertoire lists. Drawing on Mark's knowledge, sensitivity, and vast experience playing in several of America's greatest orchestras, every detail of musical structure and instrumental execution is addressed here, and valuable exercises are presented to hone our craft. Thank you, Ben and Mark, for creating this most valuable learning tool!"

- John Bruce Yeh, Assistant Principal and Solo E-flat Clarinet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Artist-Faculty, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University